My Life’s Story: A Dream Seen Through Open Eyes

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4 min readJul 27, 2022

Chapter 1

My first step into the world of technology, the journey begins in eighth grade; a motivational speaker visited our school while I was in eighth grade to inspire us about our careers and set us on the correct course. After that session, my friends and I met them to get their mobile numbers (I know this is a very silly thing, but at that time, getting a number from anyone outside of friends was a very big deal). When we dated them, my friend Pritam told them, “I am creating one blog site, which is currently live on the internet and I want to show you.” I was startled when I heard this because in the eighth grade, building a website was quite challenging because there were no unlimited internet plans available and the internet speed was just 3G. I asked my friend, whom I had met after hearing that motivational speaker, how he had started his blog. How is your website made? How can I create if I also wish to? However, his response was something along the lines of, “Hey, it’s a really difficult thing to build, It took me 1 month to learn and build it, My cousin has taught me this and I am not going to teach you.”

I was extremely inspired and enraged with him because he wasn’t going to teach me after hearing their sentences. But I made the decision that I needed to design my blog site superior to his. However, a significant obstacle was in front of me because my personal computer was broken and I know very little about computers. But I was determined to, so when I got home I told my mother everything that had happened at school that day and that I was also going to start my blog and that I wanted to use some of the money to pay for NetCafe to set it up (I know that my mom always supports me in any situation). I was delighted that day since she gave me some money as I had expected. Saturday the following day meant only a half-day of school. I went directly to the NetCafe when I got home from school because it was my first time there. There, I told them I wanted to sit for an hour, and they charged me Rs.20 for it. I also asked them how I could make a blog page. They admitted that they didn’t know much themselves and advised me to look up instructions online.

As they said, I googled and came up with several websites, but I’m not sure where to go on each one. So I opened up 20–30 websites and looked to see if I could start a blog. I read a lot of stuff online and came across the websites and I chose to utilise since I liked the name more than blogger. When I opened it, the NetCafe uncle asked, “It’s been an hour, do you still want to sit?” I replied, “Yes, please,” and I resumed working. I complied with the site’s directions until it displayed a message stating that I needed to make an account to access this and it needed my email address, which I did not have. As a result, I first registered my Gmail account (my first email address), and then I made an account on, where they gave me a subdomain that looked like (don’t search it because it’s no longer active), and that’s how I made my first website. Even though I wanted to dance at that precise moment, I restrained myself because I was at a NetCafe. Because I was happy, I made another website, the name of which I can’t recall exactly now. It was a really simple site, but for me, it was a huge accomplishment because I built it on my own without any assistance and it took me 2:30 hours to complete all of these tasks. The following day, a Sunday, I persuaded my mother that I would build a website for our hair oil because I now understand how they are made (actually we have our hair oil which is still dated and present in the market but on a low scale) I went to NetCafe on that day (Sunday) too and used “” to develop the site; I’m not sure if this site is still operational or not. I built multiple websites using, blogger, simplesite, google sites, etc. after that day until I was in the tenth grade. The website listed after is among the most popular ones.

Moral: If you decide to do something in life, stick with it no matter what challenges you encounter; if you don’t give up, you will eventually succeed.

Mr. Adnan B. Attar

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